During your stay, you should absolutely visit La Roche Bernard, Guerande, Rochefort en Terre and Vannes.

A proposal for a visit planning:


Day 1: La Roche Bernard

La Roche Bernard, the upper town, and the harbour. A visit with the little train, or the Yellow boats, or even with the license free electric boats  (Les vedettes jaunes). You could go there with our electric bikes for rent, and take advantage of the ride to visit the charming small harbour of Folleux a few minutes away from the Domaine de Bodeuc. Visit the craftmen district (craftmen). Eat a pancake at “la Sarazine” (crèperie la Sarazine) and end your first day relaxing by the swimming pool of the Domaine de Bodeuc. Take advantage of it as the next days will be more intense.

Day 2: Guérande, the wild coast, la Baule, St Nazaire, Briere’s marshes.

Drive toward Herbignac, la Baule, immediately after  teh tree climbing club “monkey forest“, turn on the right following Mesquer  (Known for its pigeon breeding) and Quimiac. Visit the cute harbour of Piriac, go to la Turballe (biggest professional night fish auctions, from where is delivered our fish every night). Finally visit Guérande,  medieval city and its salt field (terre de sel). Don’t miss an opportunity to eat a strawberry ice cream at  la Fraiseraie. Enjoy one of the various tea saloon of  la Baule and its unique bay view (webcam). Then drive to Briere’s marshes, second largest marshes of France after la Camargue. Take a boat with Sylvie Moreno, l’arche Brieronne at Breca’s harbour. Purchase a unique Morta knife (Couteaux en morta). Finally drive back by Missillac and its magnificient castle (chateau de la Breteche).

During the same day as a very interesting alternative you could  visit in St Nazaire the Airbus factory, or the ocean liners factory, very impressive and instructive where you can discover how those steel monsters are manufactured.  (visite St Nazaire tourisme details, booking needed + passport details as it is a military classified site) .

Day  3: La pointe de Pen Lan, Gorvello, Vannes, Monk island, the kern of Gavrinis

Go to Vannes, exit at Billier toward  la pointe de Pen Lan where you can walk around the point with an 180° view on the ocean and the Villaine river or walk for hours in the direction of the dam of Arzal. Start again in the direction of Vannes, and exit at Gorvelo Surzur, to go to the  castle of Plessis-Josso and visit the distillery of Gorvelo where Mr Poirier will organize an apple nectar testing, calvados and its well known gin (distillerie du Gorvello). Then visit Vannes, its bulwork, old city, its cathedral and its harbour. Two very good restaurants worth a stop, the first one with a creative and good value for money menu , Le cocq and folks and La Source who’s chef Vincent Legal is well known as he was the chef of the Domaine de Bodeuc for two years. If you are dreaming of the best ratio price quality for a sea food restaurant, then you should drive to la Tour du Parc and stop at Les Viviers de Banastèere. Finaly, take a boat at  Port blanc for monk island (ile aux moines) a small island of the morbihan golfe, worth the visit either walking or riding a bike. To finish this long day from Larmor Baden on your way back, visit the surprising Kern de Gavrinis.(be carefull, you have to book your ticket in advance on the internet site as the number of person in the Kern are limited)

Day 4 : Le Guerno, Rochefort en Terre, the castle of  Josselin, la Gacilly.

Direction Vannes, take the D139, and drive to le Guerno small village with an interesting templar church. Then, visit Rochefort en Terre, voted small prefered small village in France in 2017, and the Castle of Josselin where you will better understand the complex history of Brittany. Finally go to the small charming village of la Gacilly, internationally known for its  photo festival and its Yves Rocher cosmetic factories. Don’t forget to visit its museum and shop at its factory outlet .

During that day an interesting alternative could be to visit the parc of branféré, a marvelous walk among semi free animals, head quarter of Nicolas Hulot’s foundation (ex minister of ecology, and founder of the tv emission Ushuaïa).

Day 5: The sanctuary of Sainte Anne d’auray, the harbour of St Goustan, Carnac and its menhir’s alinements, and the peninsula of Quiberon

Drive toward Vannes, Lorient and stop at the sanctuary of St Anne d’Auray, and the small harbour of Saint Goustan. Then the menhirs alinement of Carnac . Then the Quiberon peninsula and its superbs landscape of the wild coast. Don’t miss the food industrial area (ZA Plein Ouest, following the wild coast direction, on the right side after the church yard) where you will be able to visit the jam manufacturer la cour d’orgere,  La quiberonnaise (sardine’s can), and many other handscraft (cakes, candies, smoke fish…).

An other day option in case of rain (that’s rather rare but possible, as we are not in Sahara….): Nantes and its cathedral, le marvelous museum of the castle of the duke of Brittany, the docksand the “machines de l’ile”. Why not eventually visit as well the aquarium of the Croisic? 

Do you have childs?

Some ideas….

The parc of branféré

The aquarium of Croisic

The large blokhaus of Batz sur mer

The submarine at St Nazaire

The butterfly garden in Vannes

You like sport?

Golfs (La breteche (a reference), golf de Caden (a small familly owned 9 holes, very friendly), the golf of savenay (a blue green golf requiring solid skills 2*18 holes).

Diving Club de Piriac

Parasailing Penestin, plage de la mine d’or

Boat driving license La Roche Bernard

Trekking Circuits of the bridges la Roche Bernard, canal from Nantes to Brest at Redon…. and of course the well known GR34.

Bikeles circuits vélos et vtts de La Roche Bernard

Whatever you would like to do during your holidays, don’t hesitate to ask us!