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Local Products - Breton Products

Although our approach is not locavore or activist, the result is, most of our products are locally bred, grown or produced in accordance with the traditions in Brittany (and by consequence often organic).
Beeing local allow us to know all of our producers personally. It give us the chance to be part of an essential ecosystem.
It gives you the chance to discover exceptional products, created by local craftsmen. Those craftsmen are part of our beautiful landscape, they are the authentic Brittany.

Our sea food
The modesty of Philippe Le Gal, heir of a three generations family tradition, present on all major gourmet restaurants of the region. When beeing asked why are its oysters (and by far) better than any where else, he will answer with a mischievous smile, «I have no clue»....
Our ice creams and sorbets
The enthusiasm of Dominique Douard, held this year by the Gault Millau gourmet guide as a Top 5 in the category «ice cream craftmen».You will be surprised by its beet sorbet used in our «amuse bouche», and delighted by its «biscuit Breton» ice cream which come together with our apple pie.
Our Lamb
The intransigence of our neighbor Louis Rabillard, producer of lamb in summer and lumberjack in winter, who will never accept the heresy of Easter lamb tradition and treatments needed to produce them.We will never have Lamb at our Easter menu as long as Louis will reject chemicals.
Our Jams
The kindness of Marie-Charlotte and Verena Indekeu that perpetuate a tradition of exception in Quiberon, including jams you will taste in the morning for breakfast.
Our cheeses
The skills and know how of Emmanuelle and Olivier Regent, our advisers and trainers for our cheese plates. Only them are capable of making a star of a local cheese rather banal through a flavor maturation of three weeks with Muscadet wine. Noticed by the Gault Millau guide in 2012 in the category «our prefered cheesemakers refiners», their efforts were recognized this year.
Our dairy products
This is the hard work of Gilles, Chantal and Jean-François, who have successfully enhance their farm milk production into a country Guérandais delight.
Our bread
It is the knowledge of our true bakers in La Roche Bernard, the families Barranger and Plaud, who reminds us that in France there is no good sauces without good bread.
Our fruit juices
This is also our apple juice,half apple for bakery, half apple for cider, deliciously sweet. Or the Royal Guillevic derived from apples forgotten then reintroduced 25 years ago, an exceptional and exclusive white cider.
Our hotel amenities
The traditional patties at your disposal in your room, and our water coming from the only one spring in Brittany, Plancouet.
Our Beer
Our beer is brewed with seawater and its iodine accents are very refreshing in summer.
Our wine
It is worth to mention Christian Lembert, our oenologist, who identifies for us the wine producers having a promising future success in the Loire valley and elsewhere.

And we could continue this list, made up of knowledge, competence, honesty and generosity, this is the land.

For us the land is not a fad, it ensures our survival by only working with the best local producers.

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